What the CEO of Kellogg’s Taught Me About Keeping It Real

Scott Lenet – A few weeks ago, I was on site at Kellogg global headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan. We work with the food giant’s corporate venture capital firm, eighteen94 Capital, along with Simon Burton and Gary Pilnick. Simon and Gary, who manage the fund, are both full-time executives at Kellogg. We were visiting the HQ to meet with our investment committee and several business unit leaders.

Kellogg recently adopted an open floor plan for its executive offices, and plans to roll out this innovative architectural approach for all of its HQ employees, as well. As part of the remodel, everyone from the CEO down gave up their private offices in exchange for bullpen-style desks. The stated objective was to encourage more open communication and accessibility among the executive team.

Kellogg’s switch to an open floor plan and in-person accessibility are just some of the overt examples of John Bryant’s leadership style, and exemplify how he sets the tone at Kellogg and stays connected to the day-to-day of the business.

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