Corporate VC

Nick Moran – Top 5 take aways from his interview with David Horowitz

  1. Corporate venture is really all about external innovation and bringing companies in from the outside to successfully impact the corporation.
  2. After building up a lot of expertise and experience, David felt that they could build a firm that effectively provides fund management to large companies while also helping them get to professionally managed corporate venture a lot faster, which ultimately lead to the founding of Touchdown Ventures.
  3. Overall there has been a lot of momentum and growth in the Corporate Venture space within the last 5 years – in the US over half of the capital in venture came from CVCs.
  4. Their thesis at Touchdown is to provide a combination of the venture capital experience with professional management, while still operating much like a traditional VC and adhering to those best practices.
  5. To be successful in Corporate Venture, David believes its important to have both VC and CVC experience. He states that the corporate management pieces really de-risks a Corporate VC and helps them to be successful.

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