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Law Firms Investing in Innovation Through Venture Capital

Ari Kaplan interviews Alex Nwaka on how law firms are participating in the venture capital ecosystem

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Corporate VC

Corporate venture is really all about external innovation and bringing companies in from the outside to successfully impact the corporation

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Rich Grant Co-Founder & Managing Director of Touchdown Ventures

Rich Grant's perspective on Corporate VC as well as unpacking the model that Touchdown Ventures is pioneering

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Corporate Venture 101

Considerations for starting a corporate VC program

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Diversity Is An Innovation Strategy

"I don’t think there is anyone who wants to sell their product to half the potential customers" ~ Christie Pitts from Backstage Capital in an interview with Scott Lenet

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Venture Capital: Why More & More Corporations Are Getting On Board

What if you learned that corporate venture capital groups participate in a third of all venture deals and that the number of corporate VCs has tripled since 2011?

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