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Our Risky Business blog delivers original thoughts, research, and insight on corporate venture capital, corporate strategy, along with overall perspectives on venture capital and entrepreneurship. We focus on frameworks for understanding innovation trends, together with practical advice for implementing professionally run corporate venture capital programs.

Landing a Superstar

When courting the best entrepreneurs, corporate VCs should focus on how they can provide unique value

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7 Case Studies on Corporate VC

Lessons on how to set up and run venture capital programs from innovation experts and investors at GCV Synergize

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High Hopes

Stock Price Performance in the 1st Year of a Corporate Venture Capital Program

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Scouting the Competition

How to understand & describe competitors, substitutes, and the ecosystem players that might mess with your plans

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Corporate Innovation Blind Spots

Watch out for what’s right behind you.
No single startup engagement method or even combination of methods is a panacea for blind spots. A deliberate approach to blind spots can help adjust a corporation’s metaphorical mirrors to spot nearby trends.

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4 Frameworks for Corporate Innovation

Blending academic models with practical experience provides a lens for assessing innovation activities and aligning efforts with an organization’s goals.

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