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Our Risky Business blog delivers original thoughts, research, and insight on corporate venture capital, corporate strategy, along with overall perspectives on venture capital and entrepreneurship. We focus on frameworks for understanding innovation trends, together with practical advice for implementing professionally run corporate venture capital programs.

Why I Teach Venture Capital

Preparing the next generation of professional VCs

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How Midwest Startups Beat Silicon Valley at their Own Game

If Midwest startups have proven anything, it’s that a pragmatic approach to capital allocation can work equally well or even better for investors on a percentage returns basis.

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Want to break into VC? Try CVC!

CVC is one of the fastest growing parts of the VC ecosystem. Touchdown is expanding its team and looking for top talent interested in a career in venture capital

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Why Structure Can Outperform Opportunism In Corporate Innovation

By adopting professionalized innovation programs, you have the opportunity to move your program past ad hoc approaches and innovation theater.

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The Building Blocks Of Corporate Innovation : Part 2

Part 2 in a 3 article series on internal and external corporate innovation. Learn more about when to partner and when to build

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The Building Blocks of Corporate Innovation

A framework for understanding how venture capital fits with other corporate innovation approaches

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