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The Devil We Know: An Open Letter to Fred Wilson Defending The Merits of Corporate VC

CVC is not a joke, and it’s here to stay. Learn why corporate VC is growing and is good and not bad for the VC ecosystem...

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Greater Elevator

An elevator pitch is meant to get the listener to want to hear more. Learn about how to structure your elevator pitch to pique the interest of a corporate investor.

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The Harbaugh Effect: What College Football Can Teach Us About Corporate Venture Capital

Michigan hiring Jim Harbaugh as its head football coach is similar in many ways to a corporation hiring a great manager for its corporate venture investments...

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Kellogg’s creates a new fund, 1894, to back food and related startups

“The rate of innovation across our industry has picked up dramatically, things are changing quickly, and investing is a great way to get a sense of what’s going to be important in the future.”

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Why every company in the Fortune 2000 will have a venture arm

There are approximately 1,200 corporate venturing units as of the beginning of 2016. But in the next decade, we will see a dramatic expansion of corporate venture capital with the formation of hundreds of new groups.

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Corporate venture capital can pay, but only if you get the structure right

If you are thinking about starting a venture capital program at your company, it’s important to choose a structure that will align with your firm’s priorities.

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