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How to Staff A New Corporate Venture Capital Effort

Whether to Build Internally or Hire an Outside Partner
The right team can make a significant difference in the longevity and success of these vital innovation arms.

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Clean Sheets

A quick rule of thumb to help keep your bridge financing from hurting your next equity round

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Loco Motive

Why Venture Capitalists Get on a Train Leaving the Station. This realization is especially relevant for corporate venture capitalists, who often invest too early and find themselves deeply involved in the operations of their portfolio companies. It’s important to maintain perspective about what entrepreneurs are good at compared to what big companies do well

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It’s Never Too Early

Productive venture capital relationships require time & effort. Early interactions can help VCs make better informed decisions, especially through the pressure of chasing a deal.

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The Importance of Benchmarking

How best practices can help prevent the cancellation of your innovation program

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Touching Base With Touchdown

In an interview with our CEO, David Horowitz, Global Corporate Venturing recognizes that Touchdown has established and managed the most corporate venture units to date

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