Pop Quiz: Should Your Corporation Start a Venture Capital Program?

Scott Lenet – Over the past three years, we have met with several thousand executives, board members, and innovation “change agents” from over 250 corporations. The majority of these firms are Fortune 1000 companies from diverse industries including finance, professional services, education, energy, telecommunications, information technology, media, healthcare, transportation, hospitality, real estate, retail, consumer packaged goods, and agriculture. Almost all of them want to talk about whether or not to start a corporate venture capital effort, if they haven’t already.

Corporate venture capital activity is at an all time high, but most companies still don’t have an active program. According to Global Corporate Venturing, in 2016, 965 programs were active world-wide, up from 472 in 2012. As a result, many corporations may be trying to decide whether a corporate venture program makes sense.

The following quiz can be part a self-assessment process to help your organization determine whether a corporate venture capital program should be part of your overall approach to innovation.

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