Touchdown Ventures’ Scott Lenet on Corporate Venture Capital

Brian Ardinger – Scott Lenet, President of Touchdown Ventures, takes a different approach to investing. With a tagline of VC as a Service, Scott helps companies set up and run their funds. Scott talks with Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation Founder, about corporate venture. Corporates can be some of the best investors on the Cap table and achieve multiple objectives, from financial to strategic. They can also help themselves while helping the startup.

How have corporates changed their startup investing?

  • There’s a correlation between corporate venture success and longevity/experience of managers. Touchdown works hand-in-hand with corporations.
  • Companies should set themselves up for learning, but not as a tire kicker.
  • Touchdown is seeing demand from every industry. It’s not only from large corporations, but also from mid-market and startups in SF.

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