Venture Capital: Why More & More Corporations Are Getting On Board

Dave Knox – What if someone told you that 75% of Fortune 100 companies have active venture capital groups and that corporate venture capital groups participated in ⅓ of all venture deals last year? Touchdown’s David Horowitz was a guest on the “Predicting the Turn” podcast & had a lot to say about corporate venture capital firms. He talked about corporate VC and traditional VC, and why there are distinct differences – and similarities – between the two.

He talked about why entrepreneurs shouldn’t be wary of corporate VC money, fearing that it will lock them into some sort of exclusive relationship with that company. But most importantly, he talked about how the corporate VC can benefit the entrepreneur and vice versa. According to David, “The real way you add value as a corporate VC is to figure out how the corporation you’re investing on behalf of can really support your company.”

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