Want to break into VC? Try CVC!

David Horowitz

It is undeniably difficult to get a job in venture capital, since there are only about 13,000 total VC positions (Source: NVCA) in the United States. As Baiyin Zhou of Ascent Venture Partners points out, there are about as many opportunities to be a professional athlete in this country as there are to be a professional venture capitalist.

Brendan Baker, formerly of Greylock and AngelList, says finding a job in venture capital is similar to trying to find an apartment in San Francisco: “It takes longer than you’d expect, feels discouraging as you try, and often happens through personal networks.” In countless books and blogs sharing advice for breaking into the business (like this helpful list of resources from Diversity VC), the discussion focuses on institutional venture capital. But corporate venture capital (“CVC”) may offer an attractive path, too.

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