Felicia Phan

Chicago, IL

Felicia joined Touchdown Ventures in 2023 and focuses on investments in MedTech and life sciences.

Prior to Touchdown, Felicia worked for five years at Aspire Capital sourcing and evaluating public biotech companies in pre-clinical and clinical stages. She conducted scientific and financial due diligence on therapeutics companies across all disease indications and technologies with a primary focus in oncology, drug delivery technologies, gene therapy, and ophthalmology.

She has consulted for OMX Ventures, a venture firm focused on investments in tools and instrumentation for life sciences and novel technology platforms for therapeutics. She has also consulted for Dimension Inx, a Chicago-based startup developing therapeutics to restore tissue and organ function.

Felicia graduated from Vanderbilt University with a B.E. in biomedical engineering.

In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, and enjoying summers by Lake Michigan.

Favorite Fruits

Feijoa and Mangosteen

Favorite Country I’ve Visited

New Zealand

Favorite Hikes

Tolmie Peak Lookout, Roy’s Peak, Angel’s Landing