Jennifer Sieber

Senior Associate
Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer Sieber joined Touchdown in 2018. She graduated from Brown University with degrees in history and education, and was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship and venture capital while working at the Israeli Consulate in Boston. In her role at the Consulate, she worked in support of some of the 250+ Israeli-founded startups in Massachusetts as they made their transition into the US market.

At Touchdown, Jen focuses on investments in the Internet of Things (IoT), physical security, and property tech sectors.

Jen enjoys playing volleyball, baking, playing the drums, and traveling to places with great food.

Favorite Philly Breakfast

Breakfast sandwich with potatoes from Res Ipsa

Favorite Philly Pastry

Potato burekas from K'far Café (savory), cinnamon sugar babka from Essen (sweet)

Favorite Philly Dinner

Going to V Street or Zahav with as many people as possible to try as many dishes as possible