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Our Risky Business blog delivers original thoughts, research, and insight on corporate venture capital, corporate strategy, along with overall perspectives on venture capital and entrepreneurship.

March 7, 2023

The State of Corporate Venture Capital in 2023

An interview with Christina Riboldi of Global Corporate Venturing

January 26, 2023

What it’s Like to Work as an Associate at Touchdown Ventures

Q&A with Rahul Daryanani on the associate role

October 27, 2022

Why We Changed Our Company Values

Simplicity promotes transparency and fairness

October 18, 2022

Financial Returns Matter in Corporate Venture

Investment performance does not require a trade-off against strategic benefits

October 6, 2022

Cooperative Ventures Launches Fund for Agriculture Innovation

What’s the news

Beth Kearns
October 3, 2022

Introducing Touchdown Ventures College

A new internship program for undergraduate students

September 22, 2022

What it’s Like to Work as an Analyst at Touchdown Ventures

Q&A with Kathy Quigley on the analyst role

September 8, 2022

The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Startup Valuations

How to apply discipline to pricing in early stage venture capital

August 21, 2022

Don’t “Over-Rotate” When Deciding Whether To Slash Expenses

Scenario planning can avoid overreacting or under-reacting

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