Touchdown partners with leading corporations to manage their venture capital programs

Corporate investors can help startups grow

Startups endure constant pressure from well-funded competitors. Corporate venture investors can help differentiate your company—providing not just a brand halo, but also technical expertise, supply chain agreements, distribution or marketing assistance, and even good old fashioned revenue.

Our Sector Focus

The best of both worlds

Touchdown strives to deliver mutually beneficial relationships between startups and corporations, without sacrificing the professionalism or financial goals of traditional institutional venture capital. By working closely with business unit leadership at our corporate partners, Touchdown’s team helps deliver commercial transactions, bridging the divide between big and small companies. “Strategic” shouldn’t be a dirty word.

Case Studies

Experience & goal alignment

Our growing team has over a century of venture capital experience in every aspect of the business: we have invested at every stage, in every sector, and in nearly every geography—we’ve taken companies public, sold them, and (unfortunately) shut them down. Our model is designed to incorporate the best of financial and strategic investing, to maximize returns.

Our Team


We deliver original thoughts, research, and insight on corporate venture capital and innovation through our Risky Business blog and our newsletter, The Huddle.

We focus on frameworks for understanding innovation trends, together with practical advice for implementing professionally run corporate venture capital & innovation programs.

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