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September 29, 2020

Roadrunner Recycling

Tech-enabled waste and recycling solutions for businesses 

Avery Dennison

February 14, 2020


Mushroom-derived bitter blockers, flavor enhancers, protein powders, plant-based ingredients, sweeteners, etc.


February 14, 2020


Provider of a sharing economy platform that delivers on-vehicle advertising solutions for brands

Avery Dennison Ventures

February 14, 2020


Battery-free Bluetooth tags for intelligent packaging
Avery Dennison Ventures
February 14, 2020


IoT platform for food service cold chain monitoring
Avery Dennison Ventures
February 14, 2020


Flexible, low-cost integrated circuits for digital ID of physical products
Avery Dennison Ventures
February 14, 2020


Manufacturer of liquid crystal glass (“LCG”) switchable window films

Avery Dennison Ventures