Touchdown Ventures is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment for our team, entrepreneurs, and the broader startup community with which we engage.

Our Commitment

We maintain a “zero tolerance” policy on sexual harassment and discrimination, which has been in place since the adoption of our employee handbook following the formation of our company in 2014.


We have adopted a policy to interview at least one woman or underrepresented candidate for openings within our firm, in an effort to bring greater diversity to the venture capital industry.


Touchdown strives to invest in companies that are consciously working to create diverse leadership teams — ones that are inclusive across gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disabilities, and national origins.

While we don’t impose hiring decisions on portfolio companies, we aim to reduce the potential impact of unconscious bias, especially for c-level and senior roles within startups. We ask each portfolio company to adopt an “inclusion policy” so that at least one woman or member of an underrepresented population will be formally interviewed for any open executive position.

Key contacts

To report any issues of harassment involving a Touchdown employee or at a Touchdown-sponsored event, please contact Deborah Zajac, Scott Lenet, or David Horowitz, who will handle all reports seriously and confidentially.

For more information on #MovingForward, please visit the initiative’s site: