Aubrey Chappellet Flagler

Los Angeles, CA

Aubrey Chappellet Flagler joined Touchdown in 2020.

Before joining full time, she worked with Touchdown on several client funds as a summer intern in 2018 and 2019. It was during these summers that she discovered a passion for venture capital as an innovation tool that informs how corporations in complex industries look at the future. Aubrey currently focuses on investments in agricultural technology, sustainability, and genetics.

Before joining Touchdown, Aubrey devoted much of her time to participating in the start-up ecosystem at the University of Notre Dame, where she graduated in May of 2020 with an award from the Management & Organization Department of the Mendoza College of Business. She spent her non-academic hours working at the University’s IDEA Center, where she co-managed the Student Entrepreneurship Program and co-led a team of 13 individuals responsible for overseeing and advising 215 student startups.

Aubrey is originally from Southern California and enjoys spending her free time at the beach or in the outdoors hiking and running. She dabbles in creative hobbies such as photography, digital media arts, and occasionally videography.


Favorite Moment

Swimming in the ocean in Corniglia, Italy

Favorite fruits

Mangos and nectarines!

Favorite walking buddy

My dog, Winnie