Marissa Baker

San Francisco, CA

Marissa joined Touchdown Ventures in December 2022 and focuses on investments in legal technology, compliance, and financial services.

Prior to joining Touchdown, Marissa worked for 2+ years at IBM Consulting in New York working as a full-stack engineer and advisor to financial institutions on technology strategy. She focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data privacy.

Marissa graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Computer Science and Russian literature from Middlebury College in Vermont. She discovered her interest in venture capital at Middlebury’s MiddCORE, an intensive leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship program.

Marissa is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to spend her time surfing, skiing, and hiking. When she’s not adventuring around California, she likes reading adventure books.

Favorite City

Copenhagen, Denmark

Favorite Book

The Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead

Favorite International Experience

Car camping, hiking, and surfing around New Zealand for 6 weeks in 2018